Rohan Oza

Cultural Entrepreneur

Rohan OzaRohan Oza is a cultural entrepreneur who utilizes innovative marketing techniques for power house like Coca-Cola, Vitaminwater, and Smartwater. His first big career move was to The Coca-Cola Company where he ended up leading the Sprite brand for youth and African-American consumers.

Named on the cover of Brandweek as one of their “top marketers” in the country and featured on CNN as one of Coke’s fastest rising stars, Rohan Oza is the Chief Marketing Officer across The Coca-Cola Company’s still coke brands.

Rohan subsequently went on to form Idea Merchants Capital, his platform for investing and building iconic brands. He has been instrumental in several celebrity investments, working with celebrities like 50 cent, Jennifer Anniston, Lebron James, and Katy Perry. His latest ventures include Popchips, Vitacoco, Flywheel, Bai, and Sir Kensington’s Ketchup.